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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank you for the support

And quickly, thanks to everyone who is reading the blog and commenting (here, in person, on facebook etc.)

I really really appreciate it.

Feeling better before 3rd chemo

This Friday will be mom's third chemo appointment. Since her last appointment she's been eating, knitting, lightly cleaning, bathroom etc.

She said she had some issues with dry mouth yesterday but gargling with salt water will solve that problem. That is the least of our worries.

The Emend (a drug that she takes for three consecutive days after a chemo appointment) helped her. No vomit so far. Nausea is there sometimes but she is dealing with that well.

Our main goal is to get her to gain weight, at 93 pounds it's very concerning. Her doctor is upset as well.

I want to thank all of our friends for coming to the house, bringing lots of yummy food, and great company.

I have one last bit of good news: on Friday the 19th my boyfriend proposed to me and I said yes. I am now engaged. Mother was very happy as well as the whole family.

This week a great service called the Road to Recovery (American Cancer Society) informed me a volunteer will drive her to her appointment and bring her home. I signed her up for it a while back. I didn't think they'd be able to swing it but lets see how this first appointment goes. I hope he doesn't cancel.

I will post again after the third chemo appointment.