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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank you for the support

And quickly, thanks to everyone who is reading the blog and commenting (here, in person, on facebook etc.)

I really really appreciate it.


  1. =-)

    I'm happy your mom isn't feeling nauseas, thats the worst feeling ever! I'm sure you know his website, but just in case -> it was very helpful for me. It was a nice place to go to with good stories, helpfull advocates, and just advice since people can really say they're sorry, but they never really understand the situation until they're in it.and this website is just kinda a lot of people that have been through something like the same thing so it's nice to have a place where others empathize rather than just sympathize.

    Oh and Congrats on Dan and you! I knew it would happen, you guys have been together since high school, and he's been with you through everything good and bad. You're practically already married. its perfect =-)


  2. anything new? I haven't gotten my weekly update!