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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chemo off week

Hi Everyone,
It's been a lil while I know. I am glad I have nothing to report! :-) We've been sneaking Ensure into her meals, I made her some pancakes using the stuff instead of milk. It works. I tasted it and she said she liked the pancakes.

Also I made her caramel custard (pudeen) w/ ensure instead of milk as well.

She also liked this. Regular ensure makes her nauseous. The visiting nurse came this week and was happy to see her better.

A few days ago, however, she slipped up on the pain management. She didn't take morphine quickly enough, did not recognize that what she was feeling was pain. She thought she was having chest pains and aunt was home with her. Khalamoni said her face turned red and that she complained of chest pains when in reality it was her stomach.

That was the only ordeal of this week really. She's been a bit tired, it's been rainy outside so she's been sleepy.

She calls me at work, I call her. Parveen calls her. It's a wonder she gets any rest during the day :-).

I wonder what to make her this week. Dan's family is coming over for dinner Sunday. so excited.

My whole family is cooking: cousins Natasha and Sujon will be there, of course Parveen Jeff and Sabir. Aunt is making lamb biryani, Jeff's making palack paneer I think, Parveen's making chicken mosalam, Natasha's making desert, aaaaaaaaand I dont' know what I'm making. oye.

Anyway that is all for now. I am glad to report good news.