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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Progress after Round 1 Cycle 2

Mother has done well this week. We've incorporated more snacky foods like peanut butter, hummus (cholar daal paste), carrots into her daily regimen. Her GI problems are fine, her pain is under control.
This Saturday she went out with my aunt to the mall and other errands. This Saturday is the first day of spring, I hope we can take her out again.

This Friday she has her second infusion of this cycle. After the 26th I think the doctor will evaluate her, maybe give her a CT scan.

We are all very happy to see her doing well, walking around easily.

Also we've decreased her nausea medications so she no longer shakes all the time. She had some problems with that before because she was taking so many medicines.

I am glad she doesn't need to take a lot of medication to stay nausea free.

So overall, a good week. Updates to come after Friday.