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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Update before Round 1 Cycle 3

We are awaiting her third cycle to begin! Her feet are no longer swollen thanks to some Furosimide. Her labs showed that her potassium levels are low so they prescribed her some of that. This weekend mom went out on Good Friday, yesterday, and today. I am very happy that she is enjoying the wonderful weather in Boston right now. The fresh air can do wonders for someone's spirit.

She's eating well, she's helping a little in the kitchen when aunt cooks.

At the end of April they will re-evaluate her tumor, if the Gemzar has shrunk the tumor any, if it's stayed the same. Either outcome would be great. As long as it hasn't progressed the family and I will be very happy.

I will update everyone as developments occur. I just want to take this chance to thank everyone that's been stopping by the house with food and love, and conversation and company.

Even though she's feeling well it's good to see people. Also people are happy to see her well.

I'll post more on Friday after her appointment.