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Monday, April 19, 2010

Round 3 Cycle 3

This Friday mom will have her 3rd round of Chemo for her third cycle. After this Cycle in early May a CT scan will reveal her progress. The family and I are very anxious to see the results.

So far she's continuing her progress. Her shakes are minimal because the anti-nausea medication's been dialed way back. This past weekend she went to a Pohela Boishak party Sunday (Bengali New Year--Indian Bengalis and Bangladeshi Bengalis all celebrate this holiday).

Last week, however, the scale showed she lost two pounds. She wasn't too happy about it but we'll get back up there.

I will post an update again after the CT evaluation in the first week of May.

1 comment:

  1. so happy she's doing well. =-)
    I hope her scans turn out well. i saw the pictures at the bengali new year thingy, you and dan looked adorable.