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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mt.Auburn Stay Update

Yesterday while I was at work around 3 I was talking to my mom on the phone. She said she wasn't feeling well. She said her right brow she felt like it was drooping
her right foot kept twitching and she couldn't stand up...well like it was shaky. her blood pressure was high and she felt heaviness in her chest everytime she breathed in.

I called Dana Farber to maybe have the doctor paged or talk to a nurse practioner. They connected me, the NP called the house and aunt was home by that time. The NP suspected the same thing I did that these were stroke symptoms. Aunt drover her to the ER at Mount Auburn, the closest one to our house. I met them there.

Her EKG was fine. They did a head CT scan which showed no sign of stroke.

Later on that night they did an MRI.

Today mom called to tell me they did an Ultrasound on her leg to rule out deep vein thrombosis (aka blood clot) and she's awaiting an EKG on her heart.

Pancreatic cancer patients have blood clot issues associated with their condition so that was a fear of mine.

Right now we are waiting on MRI results and more information.
No stroke, her EKG and ECG and LMNOP's are all fine (just kidding about the LMNOP guys hahaha). They are keeping her tonight. Don't really know why. Probably just to cover all their bases. Next week on the 9th is her first chemotherapy infusion.

She was fine when we left her tonight. She ate dinner, mashed potatoes, half a dinner roll and veggie soup (the broth mostly). Solids, YAY!

We had to tell them to MAKE SURE to give her her Reglan and Creon meds before meals (reglan every 6 hours of course). They misunderstood even though I gave them a chart of her meds and when she's to take them. A table I tell you! That we fill in at home! Apu and I worked on it and I don't why they didn't..."realize" that she needed this every 6 hours etc.

So anyway, glad that was taken care of. It's sometimes surprising how much people have to speak up to get things done. Her initial oncologist practices at Mt. Auburn too..doesn't anyone read clinic notes? :-p

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