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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feeling better

Her vomiting has been very bad these few days even with trying various medicines. Today was the first day she did not vomit. She ate a muffin, and a quarter cup of soup for lunch. I am just very happy that she did not vomit as of 5:30PM today. The two medicines that worked were compozine and reglan. She is still on morphine and the fentanyl patch but she is taking the drugs orally rather than intra-venously.

I want to bring my computer to the hospital so that we can video chat with Bangladesh. We will have to set that up somehow.

They unhooked her IV and she walked around the ward with my aunt.

Monday we are having a meeting with the pain management team and the DFCI oncologist at 4:00. I do not know the nature of the meeting but will post an update.

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